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D.I.Y Miniature Japanese House Set

Product Code : CJO1, CJO2, CJO3, CJO4, CJO5, CJO6, CJO7, CJO8
Descriptions : D.I.Y Miniature Japanese House Set
Dimension (cm) : 21x5x15
Net Weight (kg) : 0.5
Price (RM) : 27 Now 20 Only

An example of 'Hunting for the Reading' do it yourself miniature Japanese house set. All the miniature looks so real and it just like a scale model.

Once you open the box, these is what you get, a ready to assembly material and guide.
These creative craft product will inspire our ability of imagination and creativity. Perfect gifts for those who interested in handmade craft.
CJO1 Orchis Pavilion (Available)

CJO2 Accompaniment of Cherry Blossom (Selling Fast)
CJO3 Hunting for the Reading (Selling Fast)

CJO4 Sainted Domicile (Available)

CJO5 True Meaning of I go (Sold Out)

CJO6 Elegant Courtyards (Sold Out)

CJO7 Quiet Moment (Selling Fast)

CJO8 Dinner Time (Sold Out)

Board Game 2

Product Code : BG02
Descriptions : Board Games - 2 in 1 (chess, Chinese chess)
Dimension (cm) : 10.5x10.5x2
Net Weight (kg) : 0.3
Price (RM) : 33 Now 25 Only

Chess or Chinese Chess? What about Chess and Chinese Chess? A 2 in 1 board game is here....
Check out the cool design of this palm size board game, you can play everywhere you can think of as it is easy to bring.

Board Game 1

Product Code : BG01
Descriptions : Board Games - 5 in 1 (chess, 9 men's Morris, solitaire, checkers,
naughts & crosses)
Dimension (cm) :10.5x10.5x2
Net Weight (kg) : 0.5
Price (RM) : 50 Now 37.50 Only

Good news for those who like to play board games. Here is the 5 in 1 board games including chess, solitaire, checkers, 9 men's Morris and naughts & crosses, all in a high quality, magnetic, palm size design. Now you can bring it everywhere as it can fit into your pocket easily. Oh yup... it come with a sleek pouch too:)

Musical Robot Toy - Superstar Lion

Product Code : T05
Descriptions : Toy Robot – Music – Superstar Lion - 4xAA Battery Operated (Not Included)
Dimension (cm) : 33(Height)
Net Weight (kg) : 0.8
Price (RM) : 39  Now 30 Only

How about this handsome predator wearing a sunglasses? Superstar Lion is in the town to show off his dancing skills. Kids will definitely love to watch and even dance together... Come on let's dance, I like to move it, move it...

Musical Robot Toy - Lovely Puppy

Product Code : T03
Descriptions : Toy Robot – Music – Lovely Puppy - 3xAA Battery Operated (Not Included)
Dimension (cm) : 25(Height)
Net Weight (kg) : 0.8
Price (RM) : 39 Now 30 Only

Here comes the Lovely Puppy to you. This cute little puppy will melt your heart by dancing and active movement. Catch her show at the video below.... and Lovely Puppy, show them what you got.

Musical Robot Toy - Cowboy

Product Code : T01
Descriptions : Toy Robot – Music – Cowboy - 3xAA Battery Operated (Not Included)
Dimension (cm) : 30(Height)
Net Weight (kg) : 0.5
Price (RM) : 33 Now 25 Only

This Cowboy is cute and ready to entertain with his dancing move. Check out the video below.
Ideal for kids to make them happy and smile.

D.I.Y Miniature Japanese House Set - Orchis Pavilion

As announced earlier, here is the mini diary of step by step to assembly Miniature Japanese House Set, themed Orchis Pavilion. Trying to make it as simple as possible :)

Preparation works: Get a pair of scissors, pen knife and a steel ruler. Make sure they are in good condition. These are the only tools needed. Easy right?

These are the materials inside the box. It comes with a bottle of glue and a sand paper. These materials are properly divided into packets (A-D), together with a blue color frame and a board.
Packet A with materials to assemble ‘Frame’ and ‘Deck’.
Packet B with materials to assemble ‘Sliding Door’, ‘Drawing’, ‘Table’ and ‘Chair’.
Packet C with materials to assemble ‘Cupboard’.
Packet D with materials to assemble ‘Clog’, ‘Staircase’, ‘Carpet’ and ‘Vase’.

Ok , now we can start to assemble it…

LESSON 1 (Packet A)

Step 01 : Apply the glue provided all around the perimeter of the blue frame (W5).
Step 02: Then place the board (W4) on top of it and stick them together to form a complete frame
Step 03: Measure A01 paper to suit the size of the frame.
Step 04: Cut out the additional A01 and then apply glue on the surface of the A01 paper.
Step 05: Stick A01 paper on the frame

Step 06: Repeat the same steps above to paper A02 (upper) and A03 (lower)

Now the complete frame will look like the picture above.
Thanks for viewing and we will assemble ‘Deck’ for the next posting :)

We are going to assemble ‘Deck’ only for today because we are quite busy. No worry, there are still plenty of picture guide ya… If got any difficulty feel free to contact us. Let’s start :)

LESSON 2 (Packet A)

Step 01: Ensure all materials as above are ready. Get it from Packet A.

Step 02: First, apply glue at one end of A07 and A06 and stick them together as a deck stand. Sand the end if not flat.
Step 03: Sand A05 and A04 and glued them to become the deck surface.

Step 04: Measure paper A08 to the deck size, cut out the additional paper and glued it on the deck surface.

Step 05: Measure strip A09 to deck surface and stick them following the pattern above.

Step 06: Stick the deck surface and deck stand to complete the deck.

Now the complete deck will look like above :)

Next posting on ‘Sliding Door’, stay tuned

After finishing the ‘Frame’ and ‘Deck’, now its time to continue to assemble the ‘Sliding Door’. Progress is quite slow? Alright, let’s do it and try to accelerate ok…

LESSON 3 (Packet B)
Sliding Door

Step 01: Ensure all materials are ready. Get it from Packet B.

Step 02: First, we will assemble the 3 main door frames by sticking B05, B06, B07 and B08 together. This is quite tricky as it’s not easy to stick them properly and it need patient…..
Step 03: Measure plastic B09 to 2 front doors frame and glued it to the door frame.
Step 04: Next, assemble B01, B02, B03, and B04 to look like picture above…
Step 05: Stick them together with the door frames and this is what we get : )
Since we had just finish off ‘Frame’, ‘Deck’ and ‘Sliding Door’ and there are still a lot to go , we are going to assemble ‘Drawing’, ‘Table’ and ‘Chair’ for coming post : )

Now, we are going to assemble ‘Drawing’, ‘Table’ and ‘Chair’

LESSON 4 (Packet B)
Drawing, Table and Chair


Step 01: Get all materials to assemble ‘Drawing’ from Packet B.
Step 02: First, we will assemble the frame by sticking 4 pieces of B011 together.
Step 03: Measure B10 to the frame size and glued it to the frame.
Step 04: Next, cut out 2 leaves from B14

Step 05: Glued the leaves and flowers together with the frame and the ‘Drawing’ is ready : )


Step 01: Prepare all materials to assemble ‘Table’ from Packet B.

Step 02: Measure paper B17 (sticker) to table top, B15 and table stand, B16. Cut it out and stick it to the table top and stand.

Step 03: Apply glue at one end of B16 and stick it to the lower B15 and leave it for about 3 minutes to dry

Step 04: Next, assemble the teapot by sticking B18, B19 and B20 together

Step 05: Measure B22 and glue B21 on the surface of B22
Step 01: Prepare all materials to assemble ‘Chair’ from Packet B.

Step 02: Measure paper B26 to the size of B23 and B25 and glued it
Step 03: Assemble the chair by sticking B23, B24 and B25 together
Step 04: Finally, the ‘Table’ with teapot and ‘Chair’ is ready as above

Coming up next post is ‘Cupboard’ : )

Slow updating for this post since we are quite busy preparing for the GiftsBay’s Cute Babes Pageant 2009. Remember to check it out ya…OK, let’s continue to assemble the ‘Cupboard’

LESSON 5 (Packet C)

Step 01: Ensure all materials are ready and get it from Packet C.

Step 02: We will assemble the 3 main ‘Cupboard’ frames. Main cupboard made up of C07, C08 and C09. The shorter horizontal cupboard is made up of C01 and 3 pieces of C02 while the last cupboard is made up of C04 and 3 pieces of C03.

Step 03: Next, arrange the ornaments material and assemble them as picture above.

Step 04: Stick C10 at the longer cupboard side and C11 at the shorter cupboard side.
Step 05: Glued all the ornaments accordingly and stick the cupboard decorative, C05 and C06 as above.

Step 06: Complete ‘Cupboard’ will look like above :)
Next posting is to assemble ‘Clog’, ‘Staircase’, ‘Carpet’ and ‘Vase’.

We are going to assemble ‘Clog’, ‘Staircase’, ‘Carpet’ and ‘Vase’ for this posting

LESSON 6 (Packet D)
Clog, Staircase, Carpet and Vase

Step 01: Ensure all materials are ready and get it from Packet D.

Step 02: First, we will assemble clog. Sand all the edge of both D03 and glued D04 to it and the clog will look like above.

Step 03: Next, stick D06 to D05 to make the staircase. Cut out any additional D06 paper.

Step 04: For carpet, cut two pieces of D01 (1cm by 1cm) and stick it on D02 (2cm by 2cm).

Step 05: Twist D10 and then put into the D07 vase together with D08 and D09

Now we have finished with all the packet and next final posting will arranged them into the frame :)
We are going to assemble a complete set of Orchis Pavilion for this posting

Final assemble

Step 01: Ready the Frame and glue the Deck to the right.

Step 02: Then, stick Table and Chair to the Deck.

Step 03: Glue Drawing to the Frame wall (adjust appropriately)

Step 04: For Sliding Door, apply glue to top, bottom, left and right edge and stick it to right of the Frame

Step 05: Next, glue the Cupboard to left and hold it to ensure it stick properly.

Step 06: Then, glue the Staircase, Vase and Carpet as above.
Step 07: Finally, the completed Orchis Pavilion :)
Thank you!!!